Vedic Meditation takes us beyond thinking, to a very deep, very silent layer inside, unadulterated by thought. This is our deep inner self, pure Being, no thought just Being.

This place is very charming to the mind and in fact it is so charming that no thought could compete, so the mind simply falls mute, to experience this place of pure Bliss.

The charm of Being shows us that happiness, our happiness, is intrinsic to our inner nature. Happiness is therefore a self-referral phenomenon. It’s inside – that’s its source. That is our baseline – pure happiness, pure Bliss. Happiness is not dependent on other people behaving in certain ways towards us, or doing certain things, or the world lining up circumstances for us. As more of this Bliss imprints into our physiology and we grow in this experience, we become less and less rigidly attached to the proposition of others making us happy. We realise we are the source of our own happiness and this removes our need for others to generate happiness for us and we become less of a slave that idea. Instead of importing happiness from outside we source it from inside naturally and happiness becomes a part of everything we do and is exported from the inside out in all our actions.