Vedic Meditation is different to many other meditation techniques that ask you to focus on breath or an app or a guided meditation. Vedic Meditation is a transcending technique. To transcend means to step beyond and with Vedic Mediation you are stepping beyond thought, to a still silent layer inside, a place of pure Bliss or Being – you, no thought, just Being. The more you access that place of Bliss the more you become that.

It is also a place of deep rest, the type of rest needed to release the stress that “clouds the brain.” When that stress is lifted you are able to view the world differently – to intuit more and make better decisions, to adapt easily to demands and not sweat the small stuff. The changes with meditation may occur slowly and subtly, but they have a cumulative effect and over time can be extremely transformative and life changing. There is more orderly thinking, better memory, better IQ and balanced emotions. Your senses inside of meditation become sharper to access that place of Bliss, which means they are then sharper outside of meditation too. You begin to act on your intuition or gut feelings and as a result, your life is more in flow, because you are able to accurately interpret the information coming to you and through you, when reading your environment. So, life just gets easier… better mental clarity and perspective, better problem solving skills, more creativity, empathy and of course the ability to adapt to demands, easily and effortlessly.