So you suffer from high stress…The fact is, most people are suffering from constant stress and the feeling of overwhelm. When ongoing, these can be harmful both in terms of our physical and mental health. Slowing down and taking a break to calm the mind and body through various relaxation techniques, then becomes critical. One of the most commonly practised relaxation techniques that has proven to be highly beneficial for stress management is meditation.

What are the best meditation techniques?

Meditation has been a highly effective tool of mental relaxation that has been practised for several thousands of years. One of the oldest techniques, Vedic Meditation is a very deep, very profound daily meditation practice. It not only calms your mind but also takes you to a tranquil state of Being, a place beyond thought, a still silent layer of supreme inner contentedness where nothing else matters and all the chaotic thoughts that cloud the mind release. In this place, the mind cannot conceive of anything greater to think about that it just stops thinking. This is the place of Bliss. This subjective experience of Bliss, imprints into the physiology and stress begins to be liberated. The more we practice this dive into pure Bliss, the more stress is dissolved.

How exactly Is Meditation Helpful For Reducing Stress?

Meditators tend to manage stress more efficiently to non-meditators because the practice of meditation lowers activity in the region of the brain responsible for emotional regulation- mind wandering, ruminating and worrying. In other areas of the brain such as the amygdala, which is responsible for fear, anxiety, and stress – it decreases in brain cell volume and that improves mood and psychological wellbeing. In addition, this de-exiting of the brain helps in releasing serotonin, dopamine and anandamide – natural bliss chemicals in the body. Daily practice of Vedic Meditation will ease stress levels faster than other methods due to the deep levels of rest attained, deeper than sleep, which in turn helps overall well-being.

How Meditation Enables Mental And Emotional Well-Being  

Like exercise for your body, meditation helps to condition and strengthen the mind. As you liberate stress due to the deep levels of rest attained, unwanted psychological states and emotions along with their conditioned responses, like fear and anxiety, release their hold.

Meditation is an effective tool for reducing stress and it is best to learn to meditate by a qualified Vedic Meditation teacher. The results will be both immediate and cumulative. The more you meditate the more stress you liberate. It only takes two 15-20 minute sessions a day on an ongoing basis.

Here are some of the benefits of Vedic Meditation:

Increases happiness

Promotes relaxation and deep sleep and reduces insomnia.

Improves concentration and focus

Increases adaptability to challenging situations and reduces the stress reaction to them

The best part of meditation is that it can reverse the impacts of stress and heal the body and mind gradually.

Learning to meditate is a game changer and will enhance every part of your life. Vedic Meditation is one of the easiest meditations to learn. It doesn’t involve sitting in uncomfortable positions, instead it is practiced sitting with back supported, head upright, eyes closed and silent.  Not only is it one of the easiest meditation practices to do, it is one of the easiest things to learn.  If this interests you and you would like to change the way you deal with stress for the better, reach out to learn Vedic meditation.